3rd floor heavy with heat

One of the worst experiences of my life was living in the dorms. First, living there was super high-priced. I had to take out a sizable loan to live in the dorms for a single year. However, the dorms were entirely small plus my roommate couldn’t stand me! Sharing a tiny space with a man you dislike for a year is garbage. Lastly, the dorm was consistently 1000 degrees. The reason is that heat rises. The Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment was set up on the first floor of the dorms. That meant no matter the season, our dorm room was super hot. In the Summer, the cooling would be stuck downstairs. The first floor would be around -20 degrees. The second floor got a bit of air conditioning. By the time you arrived to our third floor room, all the heated air had rose up. My room in the Summer was so hot. I had to get several portable AC devices plus a fan set up in the room. You would believe this would be a wonderful thing in the winter. The oil furnace’s air did rise up to the third floor, and however, it was super boiling still. The first floor men complained plus got the thermostat temperature raised. They wanted some heating too, but so all that extra heating got trapped in our room! Even in the Winter, I still had to use our fans plus portable cooling unit. It was a year of consistently being way too hot. I never knew how to dress for outside weather since the inside was so severely different.

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