6) HVAC air purification systems are worth it.

The costs of healthcare and prescription medications are sky high.

One trip to the emergency room can bankrupt somebody making less than $20/hour without insurance.

Taking measures to prevent sickness, disease, viruses, and cancer should be a priority. Aside from washing your heads, paying attention to what you touch, and keeping open wounds covered, you should always watch the air you’re breathing in. This is much easier said than done, but we tend to spend most of our time at work and in our homes anyway. The bulk of the air we inhale is from two locations, the office and inside our house. An item I recommend investing in is an air purifier. Plenty of studies demonstrate the amount of pollutants trapped inside homes using forced air cooling systems. Luckily for us, countless studies show a reduction in bacteria and dust particles when we use air purification add-ons. Media air filters have what’s called a minimum efficiency reported value rating. When browsing for these filters, know that the higher the MERV rating, the higher quality air it will produce. My favorite filters use the most efficient ways of exterminating bacteria, silver ions and UV light. I urge anybody who is unaware of how powerful silver is against bacteria to search for videos on silver vs bacteria under a microscope. Ultraviolet light boasts even more power. UV and silver ion technologies are used in medical grade laboratories, vacuum cleaners, and the best water filtration systems. Silver’s antibacterial effect is why it’s used in dental fillings and band-aids. Its antibacterial effects are enhanced by electric fields and the silver particles can keep killing bacteria even after it’s been incorporated by other bacteria. This means when bacteria takes in silver, the bacteria dies but the silver continues to disinfect.

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