7) My struggle with temperature adjustments.

If you have ever lived with another person or with multiple people in your house you will know firsthand how stubbornly annoying it is to decide on a temperature setting for the entire household.

For example, your mother may like it on 70, your father enjoys it on 68, and your sister thinks anything less than 74 can be described as “freezing”. Indoors, a three degree difference in temperature, or a slight difference in humidity can make all the difference one could ever imagine. I’ve often wondered why a two degrees difference outside seems unnoticeable but two degrees inside is like a change in season. When I’m home alone for a long period of time, I love putting the air conditioning at my comfort level. I’ve noticed that even upon the room reaching the set temperature, our forced air systems continuously breeze in cold air. Forced air cooling tends to overshoot the A.C. thermostat setting by two to three degrees just to maintain the new climate adjustment easier. I’ve been told that the HVAC system must remain running to removing moisture from the air after it reaches it’s destined temperature. But I’m pretty sure it continues cooling because I can feel that the temperature of the air blowing out of the duct vents is unmistakably much colder than the room temperature. I’ve also tested this theory with other thermometers independent of the HVAC system, both digital and mercury thermometers had the same results. If our HVAC systems only ran the A.C. and fan until they reached the designated temperature, they would constantly have to cut on over and over again. Without an overshoot, no recovery is available since it only takes a minute for the household temperature to dip beneath the thermostat control level.

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