9) Reasons why I want a hybrid HVAC system.

My mother is a first time owner who is coming up on her first year mark of home ownership. She has a forced air heater which will almost never be used. Her location has nine to ten months of temperatures above sixty five degrees and it hasn’t snowed in this region since the 1980’s. In her home I’ve only needed to snap on the heater a handful of time. Of course the burning smell was present when I ran heat throughout the house. The smell of burnt dust improved dramatically after the first two runs, though it remained with a mild tint of that toaster smell. All over the internet it is repeatedly declared that the malodorous burnt dust scent goes away after a few trials. Hundreds of websites assure us it is dust alone and that any continuation of the smell after a few heat ups is an indication of an electrical related burning. I have noticed burning smells from forced air heating systems my whole life. There’s a good possibility I am just picking up on something everybody else isn’t noticing. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, turn on your oven or toaster and smell the heat. HVAC furnace coils just have a particular smell to them that I can’t ignore. This is why I want to have steam radiators or heated floors. Forced air A.C. is great, but running air through any kind of furnace doesn’t sit well with me. Heated floors with boiling water seems ideal since all homes already have water heaters, I wouldn’t need to install anything more than the new flooring panels.

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