A bit hot in the OB/GYN office

We’re coming close to having our new baby and I went with my wife to her latest checkup with the doctor.

The only downside was that I was really overheated in the OB/GYN office.

I asked my wife if she was feeling overheated and she said that she was feeling fine. I supposed that it was just me. I actually didn’t eat breakfast either that morning because we were in a rush to drop the kids off and get to the OB/GYN facility. I thought maybe that’s why I was hot and it wasn’t necessarily for a lack of air conditioning in the place. When the nurse was there, I did ask her if the temperature control could be adjusted and she seemed surprised. She said she would see what she could do, but it seemed clear that she didn’t feel there was a problem with the temperature control. They checked out everything with the baby and we did the sonogram to see the baby. It’s really cool being able to do that, but we can’t wait to see our baby in person for the first time! I just hope that when we are at the actual hospital during the delivery, that the delivery room isn’t so overheated like this building felt with the lack of air conditioning. If I am there for a long time and it’s sizzling in the place, they better listen when I ask about adjusting the temperature control! Honestly though, I think it’s policy that they keep the A/C up to prevent the spread of germs in hospitals.


Cooling technician