A break in the HVAC

“Are the people I was with and I there yet?”, this is a popular statement that has been heard, I am sure, since the dawn of time.  I am undoubtedly sure that some sort of this thing was even around in aged history, then can you imagine those who traveled across our fantastic nation by way of horse plus buggy, I am sure that many of them felt that this question would never be answered. Children especially, are constantly asking this question, however when are family set out on a vacation to the Islands the people I was with and I heard this before at least several hours of the flight. The funny thing was that the question was posed by children plus adults alike on the last leg of our trip. This had a lot to do with the air quality within the plane itself plus I undoubtedly could not blame people for saying it. It was a 5-hour flight across the ocean plus the HVAC idea for the lodge air was absolutely having an issue. The temperature within the plane was good but there was a unusual odor coming out of the air vents, everyone was forced to leave them off which made many of the passengers uncomfortable. I was willing to deal with that because I didn’t want to become ill from  whatever was causing the odor. Air quality within a confined area has to be filtered plus wash in order to keep most people healthy. I am not sure what was going on with the HVAC idea on board that plane by many of us wanted answers when the people I was with and I landed. Of course all they would say was that they were sure that it was good but they did offer us vouchers towards a future flight to compensate us for being uncomfortable.

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