A Breath of Fresh Air Come Fall

It is now surely Fall all over this area of the world.

If you didn’t notice it by the drop of the temperature control, surely you noticed it by the abundance of everything pumpkin everywhere you go, and pumpkin lattes.

Pumpkin cake logs. Pumpkin scented candles. Pumpkins themselves! Well, a lot of people appreciate the pumpkin everything, but what I appreciate about fall has nothing to do with pumpkins. I appreciate fall because I get to finally turn off the air conditioner! My bad cooling system runs day as well as night for almost the whole year, as well as it needs a break. I legitimately love opening the windows or the back door as well as enjoying the fresh air instead of the recycled air that the cooling system spews out of the ducts all day… Coinciding with that breath of fresh air is a heftiness in my billfold. Yes, turning off that cooling system as well as not yet using the heating reduces the utility spending, then usually, this Heating as well as Air Conditioning-free season doesn’t last nearly long enough, as well as it is not constantly a straight path, either; For example, three mornings ago, the temperature control learn 52 degrees when I woke up, then by the time I worked all day as well as came back home, the outside air was certainly warm again, as well as the indoor temperature control told me it was 68 in the house. Even so, I do appreciate me the great season of Fall, but we don’t have a ton of trees whose leaves change color, although I don’t care so much about that. I just appreciate saving money on the heating as well as cooling bill as well as breathing in fresh air from Mother Nature!


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