A broken HVAC system at an office and a lazy boss

I had been begging for my two weeks summer vacation to finally arrive! It is the middle of July, and my office building has been steaming hot for the past two weeks! The air conditioning system shutting down was a long time coming. We all knew the nasty scraping and rattling noises meant big trouble, but management refused to look into it. Then we came in one morning to find that the air conditioning system had entirely crapped out. For the next two weeks, my manager claimed that he was on it, but we never saw an HVAC technician come out. Me and my coworkers started to get more irritable than usual, but that was to be expected with the heat we were enduring. We would all drop heavy hints that the boss really needed to call out an HVAC technician until we were out-right begging him to take action. Finally, he decided he could put it off no longer and he called an HVAC company right in front of us as proof that he was getting someone to fix it.Thankfully, the very next day was the start of my two weeks paid vacation, so I knew I was leaving that hot office behind, at least for a good long while. Perhaps, you are thinking that I decided to hit the beach and get a tan or go fishing or something? Well, I did end up doing a little bit of that, but I have to admit that for the first few days of vacation, all I did was enjoy the comfort of my own home and the power of my air conditioning system!

HVAC repair