A/C is a modern convenience

I’m definitely spoiled at many times.

My hubby easily tells myself in addition to some others that I am found to be absolutely spoiled, plus my problems aren’t even actual problems.

Sometimes this is absolutely true. I happen to be a single child, in addition to the fact that I’m used to getting exactly what I want most times. I am definitely a bit spoiled, but not over dinner, extravagant clothes, money clips, or expensive. I just refuse to sit in a place without my AC needs being taken care for. My hubby really wants myself in addition to a few others to go on a camping trip, but I just refuse to be in a space without AC. Tent camping is not the way for me, in addition to the fact that I don’t want to sit and these Rising temperatures near the summer wooded area. I easily advised that camping would be a better idea if there was an AC unit hidden out in the wooded area. If we rented an RV or camper with a nice AC unit, that would not even be some real camping in their opinion. I just don’t want to be grumpy in addition to swollen, when I’m out of my element already. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking them to rent a camper or have climate control to go camping, and it seems like the type of thing that we could all benefit from having. I usually get a headache after the temperatures are too warm, and I don’t want to ruin everyone’s good time just because there is no cold AC.

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