A calamity with the fireplace

I think it may be over with my girlfriend.

Not that we had been dating for very long, but it had been ramping up nicely.

I thought it was leading to something, but I don’t think that any longer. After this last weekend, and my stupid idea to try and “rough it” in a cabin in the woods, she doesn’t look at me the same way. If anything could have possibly gone wrong, it did, and I looked like a buffoon, and it was all because of that damn fireplace. The old fireplace is amazing to look at, giant and made of old brick and stone, simply beautiful. It requires a ton of firewood, sio I had to take the axe and go chop some fuel for the fireplace. There was electricity in the cabin, but only a small space heater, so if we wanted real comfort we needed wood. I cut about three logs before I slipped and cut off my pinky toe with the axe. We stopped the bleeding, but by this time it was night, the snow was falling, and we still needed heating! We put the pathetic three logs in the fireplace, but those only last for an hour or so. The rest of the night we huddled next to the pathetic space heater, waiting for daylight so we could get down off the mountain and to a hospital. After a full night of losing blood and having no heating, I could barely move, so she had to carry me down the hill to the car. So I think she is done seeing me as a man.
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