A chatty HVAC worker

My mom wanted to play a board game on Saturday morning. She invited my brother and I over for donuts and coffee. While we were playing Risk, the HVAC service technician. He was at my mom’s house to perform  routine maintenance on the Air Conditioning system. My mom always mentions this guy, because he has been handling all of the repairs and service on her Heating and Air Conditioning equipment for the last ten years. She says that he talks non stop, and this was my brother’s and my chance to see for ourselves. As soon as my mom opened the front door, the HVAC technician began to go on and on about his weekend. My mom couldn’t get in a word, because the guy chattered on without a breath. He did not quit talking even as he headed down the basement stairs. My mom left the basement door cracked open, and we heard the HVAC guy muttering to himself. He came back up the stairs about 35 minutes later, while mom, my brother and I were still playing Risk. He stood around and talked to us for another twenty minutes. I couldn’t keep up with his conversation, because he was talking about technical air conditioner stuff. After the HVAC guy left the house, my brother I started to laugh. My mom was certainly right about the HVAC guy. He provides impeccable work on the Heating and Air Conditioning unit, but I would grow aggravated  listening to him talk so much every time. I’m relieved that I don’t deal with that. I have a different service provider for my Heating and Air Conditioning requirements.

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