A clean air cooling device

I run a daycare facility for pets and we house over 20 pets each day. A small portion of these pets get boarded here as well. My building contains an indoor and outdoor play area where the pets can come and go as they please. For Most of the time all the pets prefer the outside area as it has real shrubbery, some obstacles and a water fountain. On this day, the weather was grungy and the thunderclaps kept most of the pets inside. I was so grateful for the modern air- conditioning system that we recently had put in. A group of 20 pets running around in a warehouse with no cooling system would be a total nightmare on my asthma. Humidity can have a heavy effect on my breathing, not to mention very humid air mixed with the costly scented more than eight collection.  I decided on a top of the line air-conditioning system that came with all the bells and whistles. I splurged for the special advanced air filtration system and the reusable filters. The filters were substantial because I had been the one to change out the old AC system filters and the amount of pet hair was incredible! Every one of us were using the disposable kind and it seemed so wasteful to keep throwing them out every time they filled up with hair and dust. I wanted to make sure that myself, my staff and my pet friends were comfortable while we played and also worked inside.

I was informed by the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist that the Heating and Air Conditioning system I was buying came with a backed repair and parts warranty. This was a good opening that provided me with piece of mind knowing that my cooling system would be reliable and dependable.  

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