A commercial building

I decided to join the military, shortly after finishing High School. I didn’t want to attend college, and I was short on options. I spent 4 years in the Navy. Most of my work was performed on a large ship. My fellow friends and I didn’t learn much. I didn’t have a skill, after finishing my time in the Navy. I did have a scholarship to attend college. I decided to attend a local Technical School. I learned about building Automation Systems. I spent most of my time learning how to install these building Automation Systems. These types of Integrated Systems can be very helpful for large commercial buildings. I spend most of my days working on new construction projects. Most new buildings require some type of building automation system. These energy efficient systems help to control the amount of money that is spent each month. Most commercial buildings have an automation system for their HVAC controls. The automation system is programmed by an IT specialist. The commercial building automation system is set up to regulate the heat and air conditioning in the building. Times can be scheduled into a program, so the HVAC program only runs during specific times during the day. Some commercial companies even install sensors, so the HVAC program only runs when people are present in the room. These integrated solutions can be a real money saver for large commercial companies. I really prefer my job, because I spend a lot of time working on my own. After spending four years on a naval ship, I really like to spend time by myself.

building automation