A cool magician

I typically hate exercising in chain gyms! There’s usually several people doing several things, taking up several machines as well as talking way too much. Too much, too much, too much. It just drove me nuts, because I really wanted to know why the classic car-garage-style gym isn’t enough for people in the modern era, well, after an acquaintance and I had been working out together for years, both of us had the same idea as well as wanted to do things the old fashioned way, however neither of us didn’t want to stop there, though – both of us wanted to open up a classic warehouse gym, for people who loved the old-school approach to fitness. All of us started looking around for old garages, warehouses & the like, trying to find a great structure with not too much wear and tear. I lucked out as well as found this old warehouse that used to sell Heating, Ventilation and A/C parts, so the place was totally decked out with huge fans everywhere. We were planning to just leave the garage bay door open during the hours we were open for business, but this wasn’t awful either! While the two of us were in talks with the property owners, we reached out to a few exercise retailers to collect quotes for workout equipment, as well as both of us also made sure we could get all the permits both of us needed to run the gym as a business. All of us were in such a rush to get it all lined up for opening this site, that we completely forgot about making sure the place would be cool enough for our clients! Once both of us had everything set up as well as running, we ran a soft open as well as let friends & family come to try it out. People did say it was quite hot in the gym, but they loved it – they said they knew they’d get a wonderful sweat going, as well as both of us kept several massive ice coolers next to fans around the gym to make sure people could cool down if they wanted to. It wound up being a huge hit, as well as best of all? Our electric bill for the place is much lower than our homes!

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