A different story

My husband is a very passionate man.  I’m not talking in passionate as in ooh-la-la passion, but passion for what he does.  If he is just working on the car, he does it with passion, even when he gets mad and throws his tools because the car isn’t cooperating.  This is just a form of his passion. A couple of months ago, he was working on our furnace. We have a boiler, and we had a leak in the water tank.  He decided to empty the water tank and weld it. Now he is a good welder, but for some reason, he wasn’t functioning at full brain capacity that day.  He ended up melting one of the copper water pipes. There ensued a three day project of redoing the water that led into the water tank that supplied our heat to the house.  At one point, he called me for help. I got downstairs and all I could do is laugh. He had cocooned himself in water pipes and he wasn’t sure what to do to change it. It took him over a week and almost a thousand dollars to figure out that we needed a new boiler.  I was just glad that it wasn’t the dead of winter, but that was coming quickly. We got a new boiler system, because the HVAC company told us that was the perfect system to have if we ever wanted radiant heat. We all know that sooner or later, I will get my radiant heated flooring.  Of course, he was also thrilled knowing that our boiler system is also a very cost efficient and energy efficient source of heating for our home.