a different view

As with any service industry, you have some customers that are great and some you hope to never see again.  Fortunately, in my field, most of my customers are happy to see me and are kind to me. There are a few that make me cringe when I see their name on my schedule. One woman, in particular, really gets to me. It seems that no matter what I do she is never happy and complains to my boss each time I see her. I should explain that I am an HVAC service technician and it is my job to handle annual maintenance calls for the company.  When I arrive for an appointment I go over your system, change the filters if needed, and make any adjustments to make sure your system is operating properly. This particular customer expects me to be a miracle worker too. Her HVAC system is old! I say old, but I should say ancient. She expects me to service it even though there are no parts available anymore and do so at cheap prices. When I explain to her that there is only so much I can do without having custom parts made, she calls my boss to tell him that I am incompetent and that I should be fired.  Then, the next year, she makes her appointment and asks for me specifically. I just don’t get it. I know that one day her HVAC system will die and she will have no choice but to replace it. I can’t wait because it will make my life much easier.

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