A ductless unit

I was watching this really scary movie today. At the end of the movie, that’s when the power went out! I didn’t even get to see if the woman was going to be killed by the serial killer! I was really scared though because in the movie, her power went out too and she was all alone with that guy trying to break into her house! I kept hearing all kinds of crazy noises and thunder from the storm that we were experiencing. I probably shouldn’t have watched that movie because it didn’t make me feel comfortable in the least. What was even worse was that with no power, the cooling system was not working. It was starting to become overheated and muggy in my place. I could feel the air quality getting worse by the minute. It’s times like these when I wish I had some sort of backup generator. Then I would be able to use the electricity as well as my HVAC system! That’s definitely something that I should invest in really soon, so I don’t have to worry about these situations so much any longer. I almost flew off the couch when my cat jumped into my lap! I think I scared my cat almost as much as I was scared! I was really jumpy and honestly I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to watch the end of that movie when the power finally came back on. I lit some candles so I wouldn’t be in total darkness. I was just praying for the power to come back on so that I could relax with the A/C working, and not feel so uncomfortable with the compromised air quality.