A Duel Fuel System Was My Best Option

He recommended a dual fuel system, which was a heat pump plus oil furnace combined

I’m about to chop ground on the lake house that I’m building, plus almost everything is set into place. The floors are picked out, I know which paint to use, plus I have all our appliances stressed to arrive in 10 weeks, literally, everything is already picked out; However, there’s one major thing that isn’t decided on yet, plus it’s arguably one of the greatest. I still need to decide how I want to heat our lake house plus I can’t decide if I want a heat pump or a oil furnace. I tried doing research on our own, but I had a difficult time finding reliable information. I’m building this lake house with the intention that it will be our forever home, so I need something that will last. I decided to call our Heating plus A/C guy plus ask for his professional opinion. He gave me direct information about the multiple. He told me a heat pump would use the outside air to heat plus cool, making it energy efficient, and a oil furnace used burner fuel plus heat exchangers to convert energy into heat, plus I could choose between gas or oil. I felt even more confused, but our Heating plus A/C guy recommended a third pick that I’d never heard of before. He recommended a dual fuel system, which was a heat pump plus oil furnace combined. The heat pump would run during the Springtime plus summer, plus the oil furnace would run during the fall plus winter, making it the most efficient. This sounded amazing to me, plus I was easily interested in the efficiency.

Electric heat pump