A dusty bedroom

I live in the desert. Around here it is too hot to open up your windows to get any kind of fresh air from outdoors! Now, the air quality in this part of the country is not great. This means that without airflow venting out the house, there is a lot of allergens sticking around. This causes some issues. At my place, there is so much dust around my house that is hard to eliminate. It’s bad in my bedroom! I constantly have various sinus problems and just feel totally awful when trying to sleep. I’m looking into a friend’s suggestion: media air cleaners. With a media air cleaner, you can eliminate all the dust and pollen swirling around your abode. Of course, I still feel I will need my a/c going on top of it for the next few months, but the media air cleaner will supposedly clean the air. So my friend told me. I find it hard to swallow, however, I think I am going to try it, to be honest. I consulted a local heating and cooling business, and they said it all depends on how polluted things are in the home. The heating and cooling company told me that a thorough cleaning may be needed to start off with. So, next week, I actually plan on having them do it. Then, the next thing, is to find the cheapest media air cleaner that will do the job.

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