A fairly current proposal

My sister and her husband were very excited to announce that they were pregnant with their first child. My sister, who plans ahead for everything, had to make sure everything was perfect for my niece. Before the baby arrived, she prepared the nursery and then moved on to the rest of the house. They had been having some issues with their heating and cooling system, so one of the first issues she tackled was having repairs down. The HVAC techs came and looked at the system and found that only minor repairs were needed. They also explained that the filter in the air conditioner needed changed, and that it should be changed fairly often. My sister was grateful for this news, because she did not realize that the air conditioner filter can have a great impact on the quality of air in her home. They also decided to install a smart thermostat. The HVAC team came in one day and did a very simple install, replacing the old thermostat with a smart thermostat. My sister was excited to be able to change the temperature just by using her phone. This feature became extremely important to her as she moved further into her pregnancy. She was often uncomfortable and found that her body temperature changed quite often, but rather than needing to get up to change the thermostat she was able to do it from her phone. Now that the baby is here, she is glad she made the necessary repairs to her heating and air conditioning system and was able to get a smart thermostat installed.

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