A fantastic heater

I live in a small football town.  My town takes football seriously. During every home game, all of us tailgate outside of the arena from early morning until the game starts.  Tailgating gets intense. Everyone is partying and eating all afternoon until the game begins. They tailgate no matter what the weather is like.  During the winter, we’ve tailgated with the worst snowstorms. Nothing stops our football fever. Some people tailgate in the Winter time without the typical equipment, which I find ridiculous.  My friends and I do it the right way. We rent a few portable gas heating systems and set them up outside while during our tailgates. We place them around the perimeter of our tailgating area. It keeps us  warm while during the games. I see other people shivering and turning blue from the cold, but our group is always nice and comfortable. These heating systems also keep us safe. It gets so frigid in our town that it can become dangerous to be outside in such conditions.  People still come to the tailgates in awful weather without typical heating and they usually become sick from it. My friends and I don’t like to take the chance. Instead, we put money in the heating systems and keep ourselves comfortable. Without the heaters, I don’t think I could enjoy these games as much as I do.  I absolutely wouldn’t be as excited to attend the tailgates in the Winter time if we didn’t have them. Luckily, we have this luxury and I am able to enjoy the tailgates and the football games all Winter long!