A few weeks and what you can do

I am 1 of those people who will drive 5 miles out of our way to save a dollar on a tank of gas.  There is not a sale for which I am not up for. Yard sales, goodwill or minute hand shops all get it done in our book.  It’s as though the act of saving money is more intriguing than the money absolutely saved. I tend to apply this paradigm to all areas of our budgetary life.  During the warm season, the utility bill is our nemesis. I absolutely picture it physically robbing me of our limited currency. So, I fight back with all our might in order to shave every nickle of energy savings available.  I have an awesome smart thermostat which allows me to do a variety of things to save money. First, the smart thermostat manages the temperature settings in our beach current home far better than I can. This type of thermostat has been able to learn our patterns as well as apply that data to running the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C more efficiently.  The smart thermostat raises the temperature in the current home while I am away at job as well as the current home is empty. But, this thermostat can do even more. It is able to sync up with our automatic blinds. I have had these automatic blinds for some years now. Continually, I forget to program or remotely operate them. That is no longer a problem for me.  The smart thermostat is able to sync with the blinds to close as well as open them. This way the smart thermostat will notice ambient heating due to direct sun as well as close certain blinds. I find it amazing. This pair of technological wonders has saved me well over 15 % on our warm season cooling bill. That’s numerous more dollars with which to go treasure hunting at a minute hand store.