A foreign concept

Mold is the worst thing to combat. Once it finds its way into your home, it is very difficult to get out. It causes illness, among many other symptoms. But, mold in a kitchen, has to be the worst offense. A kitchen is where you eat, it should be 100% sanitary. Well, this week my sister’s restaurant learned the hard way when an inspector found mold in the kitchen of her restaurant. She was so upset. She had no idea how it was growing. The inspector was really nice about it. He told her to call in the HVAC technicians. He said he had seen this before as a result a faulty filter system. But, until she got the ok from the HVAC technician and the inspector, the restaurant remained closed. She was really upset, for she took such pride in her work. When the HVAC technician inspected the system, he immediately found the source of the problem. Sure enough, it was the air filter system. He was as shocked as she was with the installation only being a few months old. He said this has never happened before. They changed out the entire air filter system and arranged for a deep clean of the kitchen. The owner of the HVAC provider was very apologetic. The problem was in the filter’s company, but he took responsibility paying her losses while the restaurant was closed. It was a hard lesson on HVAC maintenance, but she was sure to never let that happen again. She scheduled all of her appointments that day for future maintenance.

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