A freezing climate and an old oil furnace

My family didn’t have a lot of money while I was growing up. I knew that both of my parents worked really hard, but it never seemed like they were able to get ahead of all the bills that we had every month. I wanted to help out, but I was too young at that point to get a job. My parents thought it was sweet that I wanted to help out, but I really had a selfish reason. I was tired of living in a house that didn’t have a working heating system. We lived in an area of the country that had extremely cold winter weather. It was tough because the cold weather would get into our house because it wasn’t insulated well at all. Our oil furnace was so old that it didn’t work well enough at keep the whole house warm. I really wanted to be able to help and get a new heating system for the house. However, my mom explained to me that a heating system was very expensive and that they had been saving all the extra money they could so we could get an updated heating system. I felt bad that she was struggling so much and even at twelve years old I wanted to get a job. Since, I am too young to get an actually job I think I am going to start babysitting around the neighborhood. I think if I do this I will be able to afford a space heater for my room.

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