A fun night

I love a good surprise… when it’s for other people. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a control freak myself; I don’t appreciate the unexpected whatsoever. That is why I’m always the surprise party coordinator, not the guest of honor. Recently, I was throwing a big bash for my best friend and her 30th birthday, however, and I got the shock of a lifetime. You see, the whole ordeal was arranged to take place at a large rental cabin situated on the coast of North Carolina. We had rented the house several months earlier, so I assumed everything was fully prepared for our guestlist of about 35 people. When I arrived to start setting up decorations and food, I realized that the house was a bit toasty. I figured the housekeeping staff had left the thermostat on a super low level while the house was unoccupied, so I set the temperature to a lower degree and moved on with my party planning duties. About three hours later, the guests began to arrive. One by one, they commented on the heat and humidity inside of the house, and I ran over to check the temperature control panel time and time again. The AC unit never seemed to be pumping any cool, high quality air into the house. Even standing directly near the air vents, it was blooming hot in there. Finally, half an hour before the guest was going to arrive, I made a last ditch effort to fix the AC unit. I went out back and started fiddling around with the cooling system. For one moment, it sounded like I had made progress! That’s when the bolt of electricity ran through my body, and I woke up feeling quite surprised in an ambulance.

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