A funny seasoned film where an astronaut used climate control to save his life

I couldn’t entirely tell you the name of this unique film, because I can’t remember. It was about this astronaut/scientist who created an android for the purpose of conducting a time-travel experiment. They came up with this advanced spacecraft that theoretically could travel the speed of light plus cause them to travel through time. They did not guess comfortable sending any living people on this experiment, plus that’s where the android came in. They were going to send just the android plus he would return plus report on the success of the time-travel experiment. It was funny because the guy who created the android ended up having to perform an emergency repair right before the spacecraft launched. He ended up getting stuck on the craft plus they launched off to travel back to the time of King Arthur. King Arthur plus his people entirely thought the guy was some sort of beast that came from space, plus they tried to burn him at the stake. He wasn’t sad because he had a specialized space suit with a special climate control system built in. I realized that the climate control systems had to be in all space suits to keep astronauts from roasting to death or frosty to death while they are in space. It was cool because he was wearing the space suit plus just cranked up the A/C via the temperature control plus he didn’t burn. The material of the space suit was fireproof, plus when he just walked away from burning on the stake, everybody was amazed plus thought he had sorcery that even Merlin was jealous of. It was a funny seasoned film, I just wish I could remember the name of it.
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