A giant printer

One of the last industries in which people consider tamper protection is publishing. When one thinks of void labels, you tend to think about food or medicine at the grocery store. Yet, keeping materials safe and secure until they are ready to be published is one of the most important aspects of my job. I work at a book distribution company and my role is to insure that books are sent out according to the needs of both their launch date and those of the customer. If a bookstore is ordering a restock of something, my company can package it up correctly and not worry about a thing. However, if a book is being shipped out for a release date launch, it must be handled according to the publisher’s exact needs. This means using several types of protection and security products. We have to just about cover a box in tamper-proof materials in effort to insure that books are not sold prior to their release date. Thanks to our in-house printing services, we can custom print our own tamper-proof tape with the exact release date of this box of books. Then, before the box is taped, a piece of paper is put on top of the books with another large tamper-proof sticker stating the release date. After doing so, we have to put yet more stickers on every side of the box that also state the release date. It seems a bit much to newcomers, but every one of us humans are prone to error…so we have to do everything we can to insure the safety and protection of each book that leaves our warehouse. That means doing lots of tamper-proof security printing each and every day.

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