A great heater

This past Summer vacation, me and my girlfriend took a wonderful trip out of country. During our time away, we visited a rainforest preserve with a big beautiful waterfall that was gorgeous. Tourists were even allowed helicopter rides over the waterfall. Me and my girlfriend thought that was a great idea! As we headed up into the air on the helicopter I realized that there was no air conditioning inside. It was really hot up there and I was hoping I’d be able to make it through the little trip. The pilot assured me that the helicopter tour was short and sweet and that I would be fine. The tour really was amazing and breathtaking, but at the same time I was thinking to myself I can’t wait until I get back on the ground and find some A/C. Finally the ride was over, and me and my girlfriend continued through the park for the rest of the day. We eventually decided on going to a nearby restaurant that looked nice. When we walked inside and went to our tables, we realized that the restaurant had a wonderful air conditioning system. The food was great too, and it was such a treat to relax and cool off while enjoying our meal. We made sure to get ice cold sodas too, and the waiter topped us off often. Since we had enjoyed ourselves and had great service I left a generous tip as we left. We would certainly be returning before we headed back to the States!

commercial A/C