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Even as a child, my father always told us to ‘Go ask Uncle Dan’.  It didn’t matter what we wanted to know, he would tell us to ask uncle Dan.  I guess we just got it in our heads that Uncle Dan knew everything, and our father knew nothing.  As I got older, I realized that Uncle Dan was the only one in the family to go to college. He had a full degree in electronics.  He decided to become a HVAC contractor, and he was the best at his job. By the time he was twenty-five, he had a master’s in Electronics Engineering, and he had full certification in everything that involved heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  He now owned his own company. When I had trouble with the HVAC in my new home, he was the first and only person that I thought to call. I had turned on my air conditioning and it seemed to be working fine, but I wasn’t the amount of airflow that I thought I should get.  I also noticed that no matter how long it ran, the temperature I set on the thermostat, never quite reached its goal. I told Uncle Dan what was happening, and he went silent for a couple of seconds. He told me there could be a couple of reason for lack of airflow. He said the most common culprit was the air filters.  When air filters become too dirty, they block off the airflow to the ductwork. The ductwork doesn’t have the cool air to flow out of the air vents. As soon as I hung up, I went to change the air filters. An hour later, my home was cool and comfortable.

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