A great working ductless system

When my husband and I first purchased our new house, the two of us were really excited! What the two of us wanted to do the most was set up a nice gym down in the basement. Both of us had a nice little ventless oil furnace down in the basement, though I learned that you’re only supposed to use those for supplemental heating. They apparently can’t be used as your main heating source. The more you know, right? So the two of us called up the Heating and A/C supplier to see what kind of heating and cooling technology the two of us could have installed down in the basement. The Heating and A/C worker that came over to check everything out recommended the ductless mini split system, as they said this would be ideal. The two of us wouldn’t have to add to the HVAC duct plan, and the ductless mini split units are much more efficient for the heating and cooling needs of the property. We decided to have the ductless mini split units set up all around the house strategically for Heating and A/C zone control, as this plan sounds perfect to us! Now, two of us would be able to heat and cool every section of the house at customized temperatures based on our preferences. My partner especially enjoyed the sound of this as the two of us would often have conflicts over the temperature control settings. Now he could appreciate as much air conditioning system as he wanted when he was actually working in his office, while I would be able to exercise down in the basement at our preferred settings and everything would be perfect. Now that the two of us have everything installed, the two of us are loving our new Heating and A/C system.

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