A heartfelt moment

My father asked me about my recently purchased condo just the other day. Of course I told him all about how appealing it is having a place of my own finally. He, in turn, was certainly happy to hear about it and told me he was quite proud of me. Shortly after our brief heart to heart moment, my dad asked me if I was taking precautions to make certain that our home’s HVAC system was well maintained. I looked at him a bit oddly and asked what he was referring to. Then he chuckled and asked me about how often I was switching the air conditioning and heating filters. I shrugged and confessed that I wasn’t. He laughed again and proceeded to take me in and show me how to properly change both the a/c and heating filters. Honestly, I think he might have just been looking for some additional bonding time. Nevertheless, I recognized the importance of changing the filters all shortly after that. Saving currency where possible can be pivotal to living comfortably in your home as bills do add up!

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