A heater for my dog

Biff is the name of my hunting dog. Biff has been my road dog, and my best friend, for almost 15 years now. I found him out in the woods, while hunting, and took him home with me that very day. Ever since, we have been inseparable, and he is without doubt the best hunting dog I have ever seen. He can tree a raccoon, fetch fallen ducks, and watch my back better than any animal alive. All of that said, Biff is at least 15 at this point, and his hunting days are behind him. He still is by my side all the time, but his old bones can’t go like they used to. I got him his own little heater, because he seems to be cold all the time now. I never had electricity before, but for Biff I bought a little generator so I could run an electric space heater right next to his doggie bed. He loves that heater, and quite frankly I love to be able to give him some comfort after so many years of faithful service. Normally I use a fireplace for all my heating needs, and for the most part I still do. Biff kept shivering so much though I realized his heating needs might be a far sight different than they used to be. This space heater works for him perfectly, and at this point I need to keep it on pretty much all the time. Biff is moving around much less, and spending most of his time curled up with the heater.

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