A heater should be fine

I absolutely don’t like the winter.  I don’t like being chilly and I assume enjoy no matter how warm I put our heating plan it does not help.  In the winter, I keep our furnace at seventy-eight degrees and always dress warm even when I am inside. If I were to turn our heating plan up any higher our bill would cost an arm and a leg.  In the summer, I keep our Heating and Air Conditioning plan at almost eighty degrees and leave a small electric fan running and I never get hot. I think I am just someone who does not get warm easily, even though I stay chilly easily.  If there was a furnace that I could get that would keep our home as warm as it is in the summer time separate from costing a fortune or raising our electric bill exponentially I would definitely invest in it. I have bought a few electric space furnaces and a heated blanket and those help, but it is a lot of labor carrying them all from the attic every year.  One year I even hurt our back trying to carry them down. One of the space furnaces is absolutely heavy and I need our bestie’s help to carry it down, but she was out of town on business and it, unexpectedly, got absolutely chilly while she was gone. I strained our back while bringing it down the stairs. It would just be so nice to not have to worry about all of the space furnaces anymore.  I need a heating plan that will keep me warm and not cost me a lot of currency and hurt our electric bill.

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