A heater that really works

Yoga places can be known for their courses plus their heating. Some spaces warm all of their courses to a particular setting while others have heated & not using any heating classes. At the studio where I instruct, the crew of us offer a variety of courses that range from cool restorative yoga to sort of heating & sweaty power yoga. There really is something for each type of heating want. During the cooler weeks, it takes a little bit to get the whole temperature just right for those high intensity classes! You also have to keep in certain the amount of people in your class & how their own whole body temperature will add more to the heat in the room; Recently the studio owner installed a smart thermostat. It’s honestly quite great for a yoga studio that doesn’t have back-to-back courses. It allows myself and others to get an app to our cell phone & control the climate control. That way I can crank up the heat to 89 degrees without anyone being in the studio & when I get there when it’s time to teach our intensity class, the room is nice & warm. The smart temperature control is also truly easy to use, & the big notches on the thermostat display are easy to look at. When you just go on by, the temperature goes on on so you can see if the room has gotten too warm too. When our class is done, all I have to do is turn down the dial on the thermostat.

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