A high quality heating unit

As I was growing up, my parents played host to a number of foreign exchange students over the years. I actually can’t recall a single year that passed when a weird or exotic student from a far off country was ensconced in our guest room. This arrangement exposed me to a lot of different languages and cultures and every imaginable type of person. Something for which I am deeply grateful for in retrospect. Another positive from this arrangement was that I gained a fresh perspective on all the things I was accustomed to in life. We live in a prosperous country; every one of us enjoys amenities unknown to so many others. Most of our student guests were fascinated by the heating as well as the air conditioning system in our house. It was not the most extravagant air conditioning system, even by the standards of that day, but most of these young people had never seen a home air conditioning system before. The cool breezes that blasted from the air vents seemed to mesmerize them while it was an expected occurrence to me. An air cooled home was alien technology to many of them. I always took air conditioning for granted but now was constantly reminded that I was very lucky to have it. In all honesty, these young exchange students probably needed climate control systems in their homes a lot more than I did. Of course, this doesn’t mean I feel guilty for having heating and cooling at the press of a button when the less fortunate may not; it just means I don’t take it for granted. I know I’m lucky to have such good air conditioning and it’s okay for me to be lucky once in a while!

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