A homeowner needs a furnace

I finally found my dream home.  My husband and I had been house hunting for over a year scanning for the perfect place to grow our family. We currently have three young children and we wanted a house that could accommodate a few more children that we are planning to have in the future.  The most vital feature to my husband and I was the basement. I knew the basement would give myself and the kids the flexibility that we needed. We found a house that had a really nice finished basement with heaps of space for the kids. My husband was stressed about his ability to make the basement comfortable enough to be a solid play area for the children. Luckily we  had a good buddy nearby that owned a Heating & Air Conditioning supplier so we hired him to complete the basement remodel. We eventually found out that there were a few reasons that basements are hard to keep effectively heated. Because the floors of the basement are made from concrete slabs, the water moisture seeps through the cement slabs creating even more moisture, wetness as well as humidity.  I knew the children would want to play around in the basement with their bare feet, so I wanted a heating system that would make the flooring warm and comfortable. I also needed a system that would help lower the moisture. We decided to install an in-floor radiant heating unit as well as a new dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will help reduce the moisture in the air as well as improve the overall air quality down in the basement.  The in-floor heating unit will keep the floor nice and toasty as well as dry so the basement is as quality as the upstairs.

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