A how did people live without air conditioning

Sometimes I wonder how anyone could possibly have lived in this area before air conditioners were invented.

It’s super hot and humid most of the year.

Despite this, Native Americans lived on this land without air conditioners for hundreds of years. European settlers have also lived here for at least 200 years. I don’t know how they could stand it. I can barely last 15 minutes without cool air. That’s why I went into panic mode when my air conditioner stopped working last week. I called up an air conditioning repairman and then I waited and waited as my house got warmer and warmer. By the time the repairman arrived, my house was almost the same temperature as the air outside. I kept my ceiling fans running but I simply could not get comfortable. I’m happy that the air conditioning repairman was able to get my A/C up and running again though. A few hours after his arrival, my house started to cool down again. This air conditioner problem only reconfirms my belief that I could not live in this area if I didn’t have a working air conditioner. I wonder if I would feel the same if I didn’t know what air conditioning was though. Maybe I wouldn’t even know what I was missing. Perhaps, a few hundred years in the future, they will have other inventions that make people extra comfortable. Then they will wonder how people in my day lived without them. That’s a really interesting thought. I guess you really don’t miss anything that doesn’t exist in your timeline.
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