A larger central heating system

I live in the beautiful southeast; I live where other people want to come to vacation. I appreciate where I live, but I appreciate my a/c even more! Where I live, though, is not nearly as nice as where my brother lives. My brother and sister-in-law live very close to the ocean. They have a boat they can take out frequently and a swimming pool. Their house is simply marvelous. The best thing about their house, though, is their HVAC system. The have great HVAC technology going on in their home. They have two floors, but the second story only gets used when there are guests. The master bedroom is downstairs, which I like because arthritis makes it hard to climb stairs. So, since the second floor is mostly empty, they have their HVAC with zone control set to keep the second story not as cool as the downstairs where everyone is always located. They also have HVAC sensors, so when people are not in a certain room, the HVAC kicks off. I love that! There is no sense in having the a/c blasting in a room when no one is in there! Of course, my sister in law is not 100% thrilled with that part of the HVAC technology. When she sits still, the a/c shuts off and the room gets hot! I think it is funny! They will just have to adjust their HVAC settings to get it just right. They are fortunate indeed to have such a great home with such great HVAC technology.

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