A lesson I learned with freezer procedures.

My first job was at a major sub sandwich restaurant chain.

It was my most memorable job; the place that taught me the most in the workforce.

Unfortunately I learned many things the hard way during this employment stint. I burned myself with meat steamers, broke things, lost keys, got in trouble for speaking inappropriately, argued with customers, suffered the consequences of not paying attention, and eventually made a huge mistake that lead me to quit in order to avoid being fired. A mistake I made several times involved the freezer. Being young, impatient and inexperienced I would take shortcuts to get off work early, like placing boiling hot soups in the freezer at closing time. This would make the freezer go below standardized temperature. Simple mistakes can also result in many unnecessary HVAC repairs. To prevent businesses from spending more than they need to, I advise everybody to make sure employees are well aware of consequences that can result from minor mistakes with company freezers. I left the freezer door cracked overnight once. I got a call at 7AM the next morning being informed that the backroom was flooded with melted ice water. When I came in at 8AM, a regional manager was at my location to overlook a certified refrigerant technician with the corporate HVAC contractor. An additional HVAC tech showed up to replace the evaporator fan motors. Since I caused the entire mess, I had to clean up all of the freezer water. My manager showed me the HVAC invoice so I could understand how forgetting a doorstop can be an expensive mistake. They HVAC service was also at a discount since a contract was in place, meaning it would have been more expensive for anybody else.

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