A library that is way too chilly

In this day and age, I feel like I am the last of a dying breed. I say this because I still insist on reading genuine books made of paper and ink, and refuse to use a tablet with a bunch of e-books loaded on it. Besides, you may think that you’ll have those books on that tablet forever, but as far as I’m concerned, you don’t really own anything unless it’s something physical you can hold in your hand. Because of my love of books, I absolutely love my local library. On my days off you can very often find me in there, reading away in bliss. The library itself is a beautiful building and has all manner of tables and chairs and sofas for you to get comfortable on, not to mention such a wonderfully wide variety of books to read. However, if you do not come prepared, all of this could very well be ruined by the ridiculously low temperatures they keep on their thermostat year round. I often wondered if it was a morgue and the library was just a front. That is how cold it was. Luckily, I know that if I dress for winter when I visit the library, I will be perfectly snug and warm. Pity that, when it’s the dead of summer though, I have to blast the A/C  in my car on the way there. I’m glad the library is barely 10 minutes down the road! I may be old-fashioned when it comes to preferring to read a real physical book, but I don’t mind a modern climate control system being set to a comfortable temperature, that’s for sure!

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