A lovely feast

The other day when some family came into town, everybody wanted to go out to eat. I was telling everybody about this really nice country buffet down the road. So we all went there to eat. We all got set up and went about getting our food. Well, not before long, I came to notice that it was a little overheated inside of the buffet. I knew it wasn’t normally like that and I asked a waitress about the climate control settings. I said it wasn’t normally so overheated inside the place. She explained that their A/C system was having troubles and they had an HVAC technician on the way to have it repaired. In the meantime there was nothing they could really do. Well, since we were already there, it didn’t make a lot of sense to just hop up and go someplace else. I made sure everybody was okay with situation. My brother said that he always feels cold anyway, so the climate control system felt just fine to him. A few of my other family members said it was a little bit toasty, but they would be fine. They said as long as they had ice-cold drinks, the heating in the place would not really bother them too much. Everybody really enjoyed the food and we stayed there for a long time and just enjoyed each other’s company. As a matter of fact, we were there so long that the HVAC technician came in and repaired the climate control system and went on his way. When the A/C started working, that’s when my brother said he was ready to go because he thought it was getting too cold. I thought it was nice, but we all decided we were done for the evening.

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