A man cave HVAC system

When I asked my wife at first about getting a she shed, she was kind of put out about it.  She thought I should be cheerful and independently joyous about having my office in the house.  My idea was that if I ever had a she shed, I could put my office out there. Right now, it is too straight-forward out there for everyone to just walk in plus sit down plus start talking.  I get a lot of interruptions working out there this way. I absolutely don’t have any heating or air conditioner in my little office plus I need to count on getting all of my heat from the hallway.  This is not the world’s most absolutely efficient way to get heat or AC. I asked for a fan, however there wasn’t any good place put the fan that wasn’t a tripping hazard for me. I mentioned getting a ductless mini chop system for Heating plus Air Conditioning for in the office, however there isn’t any usable outside wall that the people I was with and I could put the outside machine on.  Every single suggestion I came up with, was met with some kind of opposition plus it made a lot of common sense. I mentioned the she shed out of jest, however she has made it a personal matter for herself. I think I should have a location of my own. She has the entire basement to herself, except for the laundry room. She has heating plus air conditioner plus she even gets the wonderful benefit of the dehumidifier in the summer.  If I had a she shed, I could set it up as a nice little office. She could still come plus go, but I wouldn’t have the interruption of the old home telephones plus the cable plus her stereo all of the time. I could still get my own ductless mini chop Heating plus Air Conditioning system plus if I would quit using the old she shed, it could always be transferred to the house.

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