A midlife crisis

My son is in his thirties and I really am beginning to think that he might be having an early midlife crisis or something. He’s always loved cars and other kinds of vehicles. Anything with wheels, really, from the time he was a little kid. Over the past few years, though, he’s been fixated on one thing: getting one of those right hand drive cars from a Japanese car importer.

               These are the cars that have never made it into the States on a widespread basis, and my son is completely obsessed with having one of his own. He’s been talking to this Japanese car importer for the past couple of months and he’s trying to get financing set up to actually buy one of these cars. I told him that I thought that the dealer sounded shady to me, but he’s done a lot of research on it. He says that this particular Japanese car dealer is licensed, bonded, and insured. He also says that the dealer gives you an actual title that you can take to the DMV with you when you leave the dealership with your imported Japanese car. I asked him what the big deal is about getting one of these imported Japanese cars. His eyes lit up and then he went into this long speech about how almost no one around has anything like the car that he’s looking into putting a deposit on.

            Japan apparently has a long list of cars that have never been widely imported into the US and the car he wants is on that list. I guess if he really has to have one of these cars, at least he is doing research and trying to find a very reputable Japanese car importer to do the work for him. He says all that he will have to do is go and pay and pick up the car of his dreams once it arrives from Japan.

nissan skyline