A modern mini split

I happen to live in a moderate climate where temperatures remain fairly even.  Still, with this climate change thing going now, it can get pretty hot or cold, depending on the time of year. Last winter could have been the coldest we have ever experienced, so when the HVAC unit in my car got busted, I knew I was in for a hard hard time. I live less than five minutes from a bus park where commuters can park and ride. That was what saved me.

             I hardly took the bus so I had no idea how great the HVAC system in them worked. That first morning, I parked my car with its non-functioning HVAC, and took the bus to work. It was a totally delightful experience riding that bus. As I got on and paid my fare, I immediately felt the great difference in the air quality, compared to outside. It was beautifully warm and toasty. In fact, I was enjoying that warm air so much that I almost missed my stop. As I finished work that day, I began to anticipate the great experience of relaxing and reading as I rode the warm, comfortable bus back to where my car was parked.

           The worst part of that journey was getting off the bus, leaving the warm atmosphere behind, and facing the icy elements and my cold car.Fortunately, there is a fine functioning furnace at my home.  I know I should get the heating system in my car fixed but it is so much easier and cheaper for me to keep riding those warm busses.

AC unit