A need for the fresh air

While travelling to the city I learned some very interesting facts.  First, I learned that many people there do not have a driver’s license.  At first, I found this to be odd, however, once I was there for a few days I realized that the Mass Transit system was so efficient that people didn’t really need to drive. I also found it interesting that most subway cars no longer have a “driver”. They are fully automated and controlled by a central terminal.  There is a person in the cab to address any human issues and pull an emergency brake if needed but the speed, stops, and even the air quality in the cars is fully automated. The more I explored the city I realized how many things were dependent upon building and system automation. Even my hotel room, on the thirtieth floor, was dependent upon automated air handlers and ventilation to remove stale air and replace it with filtered fresh air.  The windows in the room did not open so without the powerful system there would be no clean air to breathe. I wondered what would happen in the event of a power outage so I asked one of the maintenance people I saw in the hallway. He said that there were large generators in the basement that operate life saving systems so we would still have fresh air but the lighting would be minimal and the air conditioning would not work. The generators were designed to automatically come on when a power failure happened so we were more than safe in the building. Before that trip I never had any idea how dependent people had become on automated systems.

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