A new business is on the way

Recently, my son started his own business venture.  He is a master plumber and a certified HVAC technician and installer.  He has earned every certification needed to do any job that may arise for his customers.  The problem is that he needs to get customers. I told him that he should get someone to build a website for him, but he didn’t know who to talk to.  Apparently he and his sister don’t talk very often. She had been building website for years. I knew what all he needed, but I wasn’t good at building websites.  I barely took care of my own website. My daughter came up with some really great ideas. She told him he needed to have a good banner ad. I didn’t know what a banner ad was.  She told him that first they had to prioritize and structure the banner ad. This sounded good, but I still had no idea. She then told him they were going to add some important information.  First he needed to make sure that his company’s information and logo were highly visible. He needed to have visual representation of his company and his service. He also needed a call to action button.  She said the call to action for him would be to get them to contact him and learn more, or set an appointment. Once the call to action button was set up, it would lead to his webpage, where he would be able to tell people more about himself and his company and convince people they needed to use his business.  

HVAC marekting plan