A new heating system

My brother Danny has so much more money than me. He is not even 30 and is already retired. He had built and sold his online business for over a million dollars. So now he is just fixing up his home and getting a bunch of new toys. Danny has a pool, hot tub, pool table and brand new smart HVAC. It is way better at my brother’s house than my own. This is the reason that I agreed to house sit for him. Why wouldn’t I want pool and hot tub access? He has a work out room and a huge TV too. Well, I realized that I am too stupid to run Danny’s smart HVAC. That ruined my whole house sitting experience. Before Danny left, he put the HVAC at a low cooling mode. He told me that when I arrived I could increase the air conditioning as much as I wanted. After I left, I could simply turn the cooling back to the lower mode. When I arrived I messed with the HVAC equipment. I tried adjusting the thermostat. No matter what I did though, nothing changed. All my thermostat settings reverted back to low cooling mode. The smart pad for the HVAC also controls lighting, security cameras, overhead and locks on the house. I was worried about messing up Danny’s other features. I eventually just endured low cooling mode as my punishment for being stupid. Even his pool did not help me cool off that weekend. I was a sweaty beast and was missing my own house’s air conditioning system.

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