A new home

For as long as I can recall, I have loved the sun.  Even when my kids were little, we would vacation on the shore for weeks during the summer. I never really worried about laying in the sun and all the health concerns that you read about when it comes to that. It has been many years and my kids are grown and I have time for myself. I rented the greatest beach house to go spend some special time to myself. It was such a great find. It came with everything I need, including a brand new HVAC system. I know I said I love the sun and heat but I also love having the comfort of HVAC systems when I need to relax too. This rental was by far the best I had ever seen. The first day was beautiful. I spent all day on the private beach in front of the house. When I came in I was ready to rest. I took a shower and decided to rest a bit before going out to spend the evening with some friends. When I woke up, I had the worst rash on my arms. I had never experienced anything prefer it before. I put on some lotion and a light jacket then tried to forget about it. When I got home, the house was nice and cool thanks to the air conditioning.  I went to bed and when I woke up the rash had spread even more throughout my body. Now, I was worried. I went to the local urgent care. Immediately the doctor asked if I had an HVAC system. I told him my rental did. He told me I was more than likely allergic to the air filters. That was a first for me!

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