A new look at climate control

Since I started working from home, it’s absolutely crucial for myself and others to keep my home office at a comfortable temperature; ever since the peak of warm the season, I have noticed that my home is getting hotter as the afternoon goes. Though my air conditioner tries to keep up, the sunshine seems to heat up my whole office, and the rest of the house regardless… I will set my temperature control to a much lower setting, but the air conditioner will not go below seventy-seven degrees. So then, I had a professional Heating, Ventilation & A/C business come out to my home & take a good look at my HVAC unit, but he said it was in peak condition & did not need any repairs at all. Even still, he did provide myself and my husband a single piece of advice that I think I will certainly take to heart. He said that if I keep my curtains down during the most sunny parts of the afternoon, that my A/C will not have to work as taxing to keep my home cool. As a result therefore it will not let heat build up around the middle of the afternoon. This was a fantastic piece of advice, even though I absolutely had not thought of it; so I went out & bought curtains for every window instantaneously. Now however, when I start to recognize my A/C heating up, I can draw the curtains & my home feels instantly cooler. This will make undefined maintenance easier as well, since it will not have to work as taxing to keep my home and office cool. I’m so thankful I got that advice from the Heating, Ventilation & A/C business, as I think it saved my sanity & the life of my HVAC unit!

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