A new thermostat

It is eighty-four degrees outside today, plus I am sitting in my office feeling chilly.  Last week, our air conditioner device froze up plus I had to call the Heating plus A/C corporation to come out plus check everything out.  They were able to thaw the air conditioner device, but they told myself and others that we were going to be in need of a current temperature control device soon.  I absolutely didn’t realize the importance of a temperature control, so I kind of blew them off when they told myself and others this. Instead, I just went about my work, thinking that the temperature felt fine, now that the A/C device was working again.  It has been numerous days since the A/C specialist was at our household, plus I’m sure she had to have done something to our temperature control unit. I have the temperature set for seventy-two, plus it is nearly sixty inside. The temperature control equipment just doesn’t allow the air conditioner to turn off.   I wished to turn the air conditioner equipment off so that it wouldn’t be so frosty, even though I don’t want to get too warm either. It’s either I keep my hands working to keep them from becoming chilly, or I sweat something like a pig, plus I get sleepy when I get overheated. Neither one of those is a wonderful option.  I did call the Heating plus A/C worker plus she said she would come over plus change out the temperature control equipment for me. I’m waiting for her to show up now, even though I don’t really know what kind of temperature control equipment to buy. I thought about getting one of those current smart control units, but I’ll likely stick with the old programmable, just like I have now.